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#55942 El Mulo Vaquero, and #55943 Lady Sage

Cowboy Action Shooters!
Gunsmithing for CAS firearms is one of our specialties! While we have been gunsmithing for several decades....We have been gunsmithing CAS guns for over 9 years!
Competition ready 73's, 66's, Marlins, Ruger Vaqueros, SxS 78's, 97's, Single Action revolvers are our specialties.  Please call or e-mail for pricing.
We know what you cowboys want for that competition gun!  We have been gunsmithing for many World, National, and Regional championship cowboys.  Along with many other cowboy shooters and satisfied customers.

Single action revolver smooth and tunes for Colt, Ruger, Colt clones

Reverse spin, and half cock for Ruger's, Open forcing cones on revolvers, Taylor throating, , bevel cylinder faces and ejector housings like the old colts for faster re-holstering and reblue, change and fit grip frames, open rear sights.

Action jobs for  Winchester 73's, 66's, Marlins

Short stroke work for "73's and 66's.

We install the short stroke kit, re-work hammer and trigger sear for a light crisp trigger pull, along with our polishing and action work to tune the rifle, install Marble's brass bead front sight, flat top the rear sight, install a leather lever wrap. We mill the carriers to reduce weight and friction. This is a labor intensive action tuning we are proud of.  Many top shooters use these rifles to take World, National, and numerous state and local matches.  Package price for action work, short stroke, and carrier is $400 plus shipping.  Action tune only cost is $175.

Make that 73' or 66' fit you! We can cut the stock and make a metal butt plate to fit, and blue.  $150.00

SPECIAL!  Do you like the looks and feel of a short rifle,  but don't want to buy a new rifle.  We can cut the barrel, re-crown, and make new dovetails, to give you the "Short" rifle you've been wanting.  $175.00

Action jobs for most single actions, rifles, and shotguns are $135 plus shipping.  Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions!

Custom sights:
Get that 1911 ready for Wild Bunch matches, we have been customizing 1911's for decades.


Action smoothing jobs for Winchester 97's, Norinco 97's  Action jobs for most SXS shotguns, TTN's, Stoeger's, Remington Spartans, Brownings, etc.,

Shorten barrels, install sights, install buttpads, install choke tubes

And of course, repairs! 

IAC 97's,  Cimarron 78' double barrels, Cimarron pistols and rifles, Ruger pistols, can be ordered within days.  These firearms can be action tuned here, and then shipped to your FFL dealer.  Please contact us for information.

Also available: Taylor's & Co., Emf, Marlin, Winchester, Colt, Remington.

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