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Email (prefered) also for info or pricing

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Postal Address

30 Road 5192

Bloomfield, NM. 87413


Remember, it is legal for you to ship a firearm to a licensed gunsmith for repairs or customization. You do not need an FFL yourself, or need to go through a dealer if you wish. That is why I have an FFL type 7 (manufacturer). Just ship it! Most carriers have their own rules on shipping,, but UPS and FedEx are prefered. They ship right to my door.

Please email or call when you ship, so I can keep track of what’s coming in. I will email back when the firearm arrives, put it on my schedule, and I will email or call you when it is ready to ship back with tracking numbers.

Be sure to pack the firearm securely! Bubble wrap, wadded newspaper, and such are prefered. Please don’t put the gun in popcorn media. Double box and securely tape the package.

Address to: Griner Gunworks, 30 Road 5192, Bloomfield, NM. 87413