Contact/Shipping info



Call for information or to set up an appointment

Email (prefered) also for info or pricing

Email:  [email protected]

Postal Address

30 Road 5192

Bloomfield, NM. 87413


Shipping these days may require you to ship thru an FFL dealer, I can provide my FFL information to them for shipping purposes.  Most carriers have their own rules on shipping,, but UPS and FedEx are preferred. They ship right to my door.   USPS is ok too, but I’ll have to make a trip to the Post Office to pick up.

Please email or call when you ship, so I can keep track of what’s coming in. I will email back when the firearm arrives, put it on my schedule, and I will email or call you when it is ready to ship back with tracking numbers.

Be sure to pack the firearm securely! Bubble wrap, wadded newspaper, and such are prefered. Please don’t put the gun in popcorn media. Double box and securely tape the package.

Address to: Griner Gunworks, 30 Road 5192, Bloomfield, NM. 87413



I wish I could be more precise in how long it takes to complete work orders, but the fact remains that each gun is very different and can take substantially longer to complete than others.  Making it a one gun at a time process.  Additionally the ebb and flow of work coming in can constantly and drastically change from one day to another, parts and supply delays, business matters, and regulation….ALL make it impossible to give a precise date of completion or even a block of time.  This is the nature of custom gunsmithing.

But rest assure, when your gun is on my bench, it receives the attention to detail that I have put into each gun over the last three decades.