Guns for sale

All firearm sales will adhere to all state and federal regulations. Firearms will be shipped to your FFL dealer for transfer.

These rifles/shotguns/revolvers are in stock and ready to Tune and Shortstroke for you! Check for actual real time stock availability. Email or call for current pricing.

The NEW Marlin 1894 Classic, 44 Mag/44 Special  $950 stock

**1 left!**–Cimarron 1887 Shotgun,  $600 stock

Pair Ruger New Vaquero’s, 357, 4 5/8″ barrels, Blue finish.    Tuned when ordered $1900

Pair Ruger New Vaquero’s, 357, 5 1/2″ barrels, Stainless finish.  Tuned when ordered $1900

**1 available**–Uberti/Cimarron, 1866, Short rifle, 38 special, 20″ octagon barrel.  Tuned/shortstroked when ordered  $1850

**SOLD** – -Uberti/Cimarron, 1873, Saddle Ring Carbine, 19″, 357 caliber.  Tuned/shortstroked when ordered $1900

**SOLD** – -Uberti/Cimarron 1873 Short Rifle, 20″, 357 caliber-Straight Stock

**SOLD** – -Uberti/Taylor’s, 1873 Short Rifle, 20″, 357 caliber – Deluxe, checkered pistol grip stock

**SOLD** –Uberti/Cimarron 1873 Saddle rifle, 18″ octagon, 357 caliber – Deluxe, checkered straight stock

**SOLD**- -Uberti/Cimarron 1873 Brush Popper (half octagon to round), 18″, 45 caliber – Deluxe, checkered pistol grip stock.  

**SOLD** –Uberti/Cimarron 1873 Saddle rifle, 18″ octagon, 45 caliber – Deluxe, checkered straight stock. 

**SOLD**  – -Uberti/Taylor’s, 1873, Short Rifle, 18″, 357 caliber – Deluxe, checkered, straight stock  

AVAILABLE!  Limited supply! (contact for real time stock,  or Email or call to be on order list when more arrive)! – – CZ Sharptail Shotguns, 12 gauge  $1400 plus ship/tax

CZ SharptailAction work consists of:  Replace the crimped in place hammer spring struts, trying to remove the crimped on retainer will break the strut.  Other gunsmiths just cut coils and grind the spring flat off the existing struts.  I modify the struts that enable easy replacement of the hammer spring, along with the new spring block stop plate. Install new Wolf hammer springs.  Also I do the low profile extractor conversion, cut the barrel to 22” (or your preferred length, let me know at the time of ordering) replace the front sight with a brass bead, replace the lever spring, smooth out the action for easier and wider opening, bevel and polish the chamber mouths, etc.  See my Cowboy Action page for more pictures of the mods installed.

Set of Cimarron Lonesome Dove Walkers, both Gus and Woodrow versions.  These are BEAUTIFUL!.  Sold box stock  $1300 plus shipping.


6 available  SOLD OUT!–Cimarron 1878, 12 gauge coachgun.  Sold box stock $700 plus shipping.

Other firearms can be ordered . Please inquire